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Hand Crafted Knives

Welcome to Talisman of Fire - our opportunity to show you samples of our work and spark your imagination.

Our aim is to supply beautifully crafted pieces of metalwork from the precious minerals of our earth.

In Talisman Jewellery, we mainly work with silver and gemstones, but we are flexible.  If you have an idea of a particular piece you would like commissioned, contact us and we will see what we can do.

With Talisman Knives it is important to us to re-use materials that have become unloved - old files are a wonderful basis to start from.  And handles need to have a natural feel - so again we looked to Mother Nature for inspiration.

So why not get in touch today and talk to us about your ideas and designs.  We would love to work with you and make your pieces become reality.
To contact us:

E-mail: info@talisman-of-fire.co.uk

or find us on Facebook for all the latest news!


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